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* This is an Xposed module. You MUST have Xposed Framework installed. Otherwise this app WILL NOT FUNCTION.. You can download Xposed Quick Access, you can allow your selected apps to be launched over the lockscreen without unlocking your device. You can also swipe up from the on-screen home button to launch Google Now or launch applications from lockscreen widgets without unlocking your phone . For example, allow your camera, music, and to-do list applications to be launched over the lockscreen to access them in an instant. Allow your friends to browse your music library without fully unlocking your device, quickly add a task to your to-do list; or never miss that photo opportunity; with Quick Access the possibilities are limitless!

In addition, Quick Access also enables you to expand your status bar in secure lockscreen and also show all widgets (instead of only lockscreen widgets) in lockscreen widget picker

Computer Mode: This allows you to let the timer keep going, even when the screen is off. This means that you can use EyeRelax to limit your time on the computer, television, or whatever other device you own, without using battery to keep the screen on and the timer running!


- To launch applications from DashClock widget, please select DashClock in Quick Access. Or more specifically the activity:

- To launch Google Now by swiping up from the on-screen home button while in the lockscreen, please select Google Now in Quick Access, or more specifically the activities: vity AND

- This application does not actually launch the applications (yet), it just allows them to be launch (via other methods) over the lockscreen. A good application to do that is DashClock.

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APK Version 1.6.2
Compatibility Android 4.0.1+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Developer TwinBlade
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